Friday, April 10, 2009

Lavender Linen Spray

We love the idea of linen spray! We see it in stores, smell it, and ponder buying it....but we never do. It just seems like one of those lovely things that we'd love to have, but is a bit too frivolous to actually buy. So we wanted to find a good recipe for making our own, and we did at We made lavender, but any relaxing scent would do.

2 Tbsp. vodka
20 drops essential oil (again, we used lavender)
distilled water

Mix the vodka and oil in a spray bottle (one of the small, cute ones they sell in the drug store), then add enough distilled water to fill the rest of the way. Cover and shake well. Set aside for 48 hours. Shake well before using, then spray your linens when you make the bed, and again when you turn it down at night. Also is great on towels!
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  1. What does the vodka do for the recipe?

  2. We always thought it acted as a preservative, but according to it adheres to the oil and distributes it throughout the distilled water. If you'd rather not use vodka, rubbing alcohol works too! :)

  3. Ah, thanks - I was not worried about the alcohol, mostly curious :)

    I think I will make some - sounds heavenly. We use water + lavendar as a spray to wet our daughters' hair. Leaves them smelling yummy.

  4. Interesting, my friend uses this recipe with an additional tablespoon of vodka for homemade bug spray. She said put it in a dark place for 2 weeks and then put in spray bottle and use. I think ill make both of these. Who knows maybe the linen spray will help with the fleas my cat just brought in.

    BTW I don't know how I stumbled across your blog but I am really enjoying it.