Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old Bottles, New Beauty

As Earth Day is tomorrow, we wanted to post about a project that is good for the earth. We also wanted one that would be fun for the kids, since we feel it's important for them to learn about recycling and the environment as well. We decided to take old bottles (yes...three of the four pictured are beer bottles...) and turn them into vases! We took the washed and dried bottles and covered them in paper maché (strips of paper dipped in a mixture made of equal parts glue and water). Once they dried, we primed them and painted them with brightly colored acrylic paints. When the paint dried, we covered them with a coat of polyurethane so they would be water-proof! The paper maché game them a neat texture, and the kids LOVED getting all gooey!

Once they were done, they made a pretty addition to our home's decor! Plus, we were able to find a new use for something we would normally get rid of. Happy Earth Day!
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