Monday, April 27, 2009


This past week has been very busy for the Homemade Mamas...but when are mothers not busy? The latest project we have been working on was a piñata for Maggie's son's fourth birthday party. We could have just bought one, but thought that the desired fish shape was one that could easily be made. And we were right!

We took a large balloon, and taped on a top fin and tail that were made out of cardboard. Then over the course of a few nights (sometimes the only time to craft is at night when the kids are in bed!), we proceeded to cover the balloon with layers of paper mache. After a few layers, the piñata was ready to decorate!

Since all that work went into it, we didn't want the kids to just whack it and break it, so we made it so that they could pull ribbons to make a flap that was cut in the bottom of it open and release the candy. We cut a flap in the bottom and securely attached one ribbon in the flap so that it would be the one that opened the piñata. Then we filled it with candy and toys. Other ribbons were then lightly attached with tape so that they would fall off when pulled, and taped the flap shut. Then we cut out various strips of colorful tissue paper to look like fish scales.

Once the glue dried, it was party time!
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  1. Such a great fish pinata design, just love it! The tissue is perfect for the fish scales and looks lovely. I've featured it on my 35 favourites blog post...
    take a look, it's been swimming around on my site today eating lots of fish food! ;) Stacy