Monday, August 31, 2009

From Pants To Scarf

We first saw this idea from Pearl Schell and thought it looked like a great way to recycle a pair of pants that had been outgrown. We were all set to make our own version of it, until the scarf took on a mind of it's own (as crafts tend to do).

We first took our pair of pants and cut up one leg into as long a rectangle as possible.

We did this on both sides of one leg so that we had two long rectangles. Then we sewed the ends of the two rectangles together to make one long piece of fabric.

Then using a complementary fabric, we lined the pant leg fabric.

This is when the scarf decided it wanted to be different from the original. Instead of leaving the ends square, we thought it would look better with pointed ends. We added a few embelishments (not sure why the flower looks crooked in the picture...) and top-stitched around the now finished scarf!

It may not look anything like the original, but we're happy with how it turned out. It just goes to show that you may want your project to turn out one way, but when it turns out differently it can still be great!
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  1. How creative! I like;) Thanks for stopping by the blog and following along!

  2. What a cute idea. All my pants get holey knees, but I'll keep it in mind for any that survive. :)


  3. WOW what a great and creative idea. It is a great way to recycle too. See you on MBC under 100 followers.

  4. I'm following from MBC Under 100. It looks like you have some great ideas on here! I'm looking forward to reading!

    Come and see me!

  5. I like this. It's really creative. Following you from the MBC!