Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cozy Canisters

These are a set of canisters in Maggie's kitchen. While they are not the most exciting-looking canisters in the world, we grew up with them in our mother's kitchen and they hold a lot of memories. We didn't want to replace them in favor of something more colorful, so we came up with an idea to dress them up a little! The solution? Canister cozies made from kitchen towels!

This was a super-simple project! We happened to have dishtowels on hand that worked perfectly, but you could probably get towels at the dollar store to make this a very economical project. We measured the canisters and cut the fabric accordingly. After we hemmed around the edges we attached some velcro so that the cozies could be easily removed for washing. When buying velcro, be sure to get the kind that you can sew (we didn't know this and ours gummed up the needle on our sewing machine - live and learn!). Then put the cozies on your canisters, step back, and admire!
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