Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Decorative Wall Letters

Sunday we had our baby shower for a dear friend of ours. We made her a big bag of homemade baby gifts for her baby girl, Chloe. We would love to share some of our ideas with you.

We made these decorative wall letters that spell out Chloe's name. We bought small 4 x 6 inch canvases at a local art supply store. Then painted them with craft paints. Chloe is going to have a bright cheerful room with lady bugs. So our letters have playful lady bugs crawling on them.
Paint your letters in colors that compliment your childs room.

We painted the letters in several stages. First we painted the background color and let it dry. It took two coats of most colors. Next we painted the light blue boarder and then the dark blue. We didn't worry about the lines being perfect and straight. The imperfections give it a hand painted look we liked.

We first drew the letters in pencil and then painted over them. If you are worried about your handwriting, keep the letters simple or you can use stencils.

Then we personalized the letters with our ladybugs. We painted the red bodies, and used a thin sharpie marker for the legs, head and spots. You could decorate your letters with hearts, flowers, butterflies, polka dots, stars, rockets whatever your kids love!
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