Friday, September 25, 2009

Fabric Baby Blocks

As another addition to our "Homemade Mamas gift bag", we found this great idea from Make It And Love It - fabric baby blocks! They are very simple to make and look adorable.

For one block, we first cut out six squares of fabric (these were about 4 1/2").

Next, pin and sew four of your squares (right sides together) so that they form a square.

On the two squares that remain, cut a small square out of the corners. This will help make nice pointed corners on the finished block.

Then pin the top and bottom squares to the four you've already sewn and stitch around, making sure to leave a small opening so that you can stuff it.

Turn your block right side out and stuff it until it reaches the desired firmness and holds it's shape well. Then stitch up the hole - you're done!

We made ours pretty simple, but you can embellish these as much as you'd like - applique letters on them, place a jingle bell inside, anything!
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  1. Hi Rebecca and Maggie -- this is such a cute project!

    I love your blog -- full of creative inspiration.

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  4. Wow that is too cool my kids are bigger though...
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  5. What a cute little project! I'll have to try this one this week :)

    Thanks for posting to Baby Week at My Frugal Family!