Friday, October 30, 2009

Confessions of a Swifferholic

Yes it's true. We fell under the spell of all the swiffer and swiffer-like products: disposable disinfecting wipes, dusters, swiffers wet and dry. We loved the convenience. We relished throwing away the messy germs that they captured. But now we see the error of our ways. It seems so ridiculous now. We keep spending more money on refills for all these products and filling landfills with our one use cleaning cloths.

As we strive to be greener and cleaner we have found ourselves asking what to do with our swiffers now that we don't want to buy disposable cloths anymore. We have used wash clothes or old rags on the swiffer, which worked ok, but we wanted something better.

We made reusable swiffer clothes out of microfiber dusting clothes and cloth diapers. The microfiber clothes are amazing at caching dust, and the diapers are so absorbent. Put them together and you have a great wet or dry cleaning rag that can be washed and used again and again. Use the microfiber side for dusting your floors and the diaper side for a quick wet mop. We like to spray the floor with our all purpose cleaner spray and then mop away.

We simply cut the diaper into thirds and sewed one third to the center of a micro fiber cloth using the zig-zag stitch of our sewing machine. Three reusable cleaning cloths were made in about 5 min. You don't need to measure or even pin the cloths before you sew them. If you have a swiffer wet jet Velcro can be added to hold your cloth on.

The one thing you should note about the microfiber clothes is that they should not be bleached or dried in the dryer. You should also not use fabric softener on them. If this is too inconvenient use a washcloth instead. We find that they work so well that it is worth the slight hassle.

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  1. I have bleached all of my microfiber cloths. I have some pastel ones I got at Costco, bright orange from Target. All go into the bleach. They all seem fine.

  2. I have microfiber washcloths that I have washed with color safe bleach and dried in the dryer. What is the reason you are not supposed to do this?

  3. What an awesome idea! Totally going to have to try this one :)