Monday, November 2, 2009

Bubble Art

We were trying to rack our brains to come up with a fun project for the boys one rainy day, when one of them said that they wanted to blow bubbles. Knowing it was not ideal bubble-blowing weather, we came up with the idea of adding color to the bubble solution! We had seen this project before using tempra paint powder, but we didn't have any. So we improvised and used food coloring instead!

We divided the bubble solution into several small dishes, then added a good amount of food coloring until the solution was dark. Then we gave the kids bubble wands and paper and let them blow the colorful bubbles onto the paper! When the bubbles popped they left colorful circles.

Having done it once, we now think this would make a great outdoor project (maybe with over-sized paper!). The bubbles tended to spray solution when they popped, spraying color as well. Make sure you are doing this in an area that can stand some mess and have your kids wear smocks - this can stain!

We also think this would make great wrapping paper!
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  1. My daughter would love this project! :-)

    I've got an award for you over at my blog! :-)

  2. I think this would make GREAT wrapping paper!
    I just read about this project as an oral-motor activity, so "paint apples" by drawing an apple and mixing bubble solution with red or green paint and having them paint the apple. But I like this free style too! Think I will try it today since we are having a semi sick day, thanks!

  3. Such of a wonderful idea! I've seen an idea similar to this once in a kid craft book but they also used tempra paint powder. Never thought of using food coloring. Looks like some messy fun!

  4. I love this! I will be doing this with my son in the next week for sure :)

  5. When I was at preschool, we used to use old ice-cream containers filled with the coloured bubble solution, then blew through a straw to make it bubble up, then placed a piece of paper over the blown-up bubbles so that the patterns were transferred to the paper. We had heaps of fun, just like your boys looked liked they did with the bubble blowers.

  6. I LOVE the idea of bubble art!! I think I might give it a whirl myself. In the past I did something KIND of similar with a bowl of paint and a power mixer – I know, it sounds like it would be a complete mess, but it created a really interesting splatter pattern (and I have a hand-held mixer that I bought specifically to throw paint around with...). But I love the fact that you can get nice round shapes with the bubbles :)

    P.S. – this blog is great!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration. We tried this out the other day and loved it. Here's how ours turned out: