Monday, November 16, 2009

Math Match

Two of our boys are in the same preschool class, which is designed to get them ready for next year's jump to kindergarten (when did they got so big??). So we have been doing what we can to encourage the great things they are learning! And since they have been showing an interests in numbers, we looked for a fun way to help them work on that skill.

So we went over to and checked out what activities they had for kindergarten math. There we found this great idea for making a memory game using numbers!

What you need:
  • 10 blank index cards
  • markers
  • small stickers
We first cut each card in half, then on ten of the halves wrote the numbers 1 though 10. On the other ten halves, we let the boys make ten "quantity cards" by having them place the appropriate number of small stickers on each one (one card had one sticker, one had two stickers, etc.). Then we were ready to play!

We placed all twenty cards face down on the table. The idea was to flip on card over, and find the card that had the matching number or written on it or the correct number of stickers on it! For example, if a number 6 cards was flipped, we tried to find the card with the six stickers on it. This game was a fun way for the boys to practice counting as well as helped them to associate the number symbols with quantities. And it's good for working on memory as well!

And, let's face it, games are fun!
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