Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cinnamon Dough for Homemade Ornaments

Here is an easy recipe to make fragrant holiday decorations that look and smell like real gingerbread cookies. They make great ornaments, garland centerpieces or package tie ons. Both children and adults will love this project! (our dog did as well!)

what you need:
  • a bottle of ground cinnamon - have extra on hand if your dough is too sticky and to dust your work space with
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup of applesauce

Very slowly add the applesauce to the cinnamon. It is very easy to make the dough too sticky. We did and ran out of cinnamon. If this happens you can add flour, but it will make the dough lighter in color.

Dust your work space with cinnamon and roll out dough about a quarter inch thick.

Cut the dough with your favorite cookie cutters or shape with your hands. Use a bamboo skewer or straw to make holes to hang your ornaments. Now they need to dry. You can let them air dry or bake in the oven on a foil lined baking sheet at 150 degrees for and hour or so.

Visit us on Monday to see how we used our gingerbread guys!!

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  1. Always loved cinnamon ornies. I have one from several years ago and it still smells good!

  2. I love this idea! Im going to make it with my 3 girls! We have a fake Christmas tree, with no Christmas smell. These ornaments would be perfect! :)

  3. OK, the cinnamon characters are in the oven. Can't wait to see the final result. In the mean time, it is smelling like Christmas in my house.

    I made these before my hubby woke up this morning. I think the aroma got him out of bed.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas

  4. thanks for the recipe I will be making these for sure.

  5. How cool is that???
    What a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. oh this is a neat idea! hmmm... I think there will be time after the office party. (we are not allowed to 'mess up the house" between now and Friday)

  7. I love these ornaments, used to have one until it was dropped, broken, and eaten by the dog. :( I didn't realize just how easy they were to make. Put that on my list for tomorrow!

  8. Can you please clarify on how much cinnamon? I like to buy my spices in bulk. Thanks!

  9. Hmmm...not sure how much you'd want to use if you were buying it in bulk, as we just used 1 large bottle. It would really depend on how much you wanted to make. You can always add more until you get the right consistency and amount you want. Not sure if that is helpful...

  10. Wow, I saw the 'recipe' for these once before and thought it must be a mistake only having two ingredients! But now I may be confident to give it a go for myself! If only I could be sure that little people would not chew the decorations...

  11. Hi, I'm just letting you know that I featured this today on my Christmas in July Celebration