Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homemade Greenhouse

Even though the snow still a foot deep, we are starting to get a little spring fever. We love to start growing seeds. It makes you feel like spring is here, even if it is only indoors. Not to mention these boys love dirt. We had just bought some small pots and seeds at Target when we found this homemade greenhouse project on It seems like a perfect spot to start our seeds. Plus we love that it is made from recycled materials. This project can be made by older kids. Younger kiddos might need some adult help.

What you need:
  • half gallon milk or juice carton
  • 7 bendy straws
  • 2 large plastic bags or other clear plastic sheets
  • tape (we used packaging tape)
  • 2 pennies

We used straws and plastic bags that had been used before and washed. This was a nice project to recycle straws that we didn't want to drink out of anymore, but we wanted to use again.

First we cut the carton in half.

We folded the top of the carton back down.

Then taped it closed to make a rectangular box. This will be the base of the greenhouse.
You could cover the outside with paper and decorate it at this point.
Then we taped a straw in each corner of the base.

Next we bent the tops of the straws toward each other. This will be the frame of the greenhouse.

Then we taped the last three straws to the top and top sides of the frame.
Don't worry if it isn't perfectly straight or if some of the tape shows.
Then we traced the sides and cut plastic out to cover the sides. (Again you don't have to be perfect) Next we taped the sides to the straws.
We took one of the plastic bags and cut off the zip lock. We also cut the sides open making a large plastic rectangle. We placed it over the top of the frame and trimmed the extra from the sides. We taped the plastic to the back of the frame and to the top of the frame. We left the front flap loose so the kids can water and tend to the plants.

We taped the two pennies to the bottom of the front flap to weigh it down. Now all we needed was some plants.

We can't wait to watch them grow.

Place the greenhouse in a well lit area, but out of direct sun. Follow your seeds instructions for watering.

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  1. this is amazing. my twin boys (3 1/2) will adore this.
    I have a big one and we started this week with the tomato and they had some cress in empty eggshells. but this is so much better.

  2. this is SO COOL! We are going to start learning about plants in just a few weeks! THANKS!!!

  3. This is a great idea. I"m going to try it with my class. Thanks

  4. That is such a cute project. I am going to do this project with my girls. I would like to post a link to your project on my blog. Lemme know if this is a problem.

  5. So happy you all like this project!
    Connie, we'd be flattered if you posted a link! Thanks!

  6. Thanks this is something productive I can do with my 11 year old.