Monday, March 8, 2010

Spice Jar Bud Vase

If you liked our tic tac bud vase, you will love our spice jar bud vase.After finishing this jar of garlic powder, we knew we had to find something to do with it. It was too cute to just throw away. We decided it would be a great bud vase.
We realized the holes in the shaker top of the spice jar would hold a single flower or two just where we wanted. You could cut off the lid and leave only the shaker, but we thought leaving the lid on was fun.
Like our tic tac bud vase, we found a pretty piece of paper from a magazine and wrapped the top of the jar where the label had left some glue marks. We secured it with some craft glue then added some water and pretty flowers!
You could cover the paper with polyurethane, or leave it and change the paper when you want a new look.

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  2. I have a stash of these jars, now I know how to use them...thanks so much!

  3. I found your blog by chance when googling 'spice jar to a bud vase'. I was looking for my own post on a similar topic but I am glad I stumbled onto such a lovely blog. You have some wonderful posts.

  4. lovely to know creative people like you are still around in this super fast gadget world...keep going !!!!!!!