Thursday, June 17, 2010

Felted Soap

There is no doubt that felting is a rather magical process. Turning loose fibers into a solid mass with a little pressure and friction? Amazing! We've tried needle felting before with great success, but haven't had much luck with wet felting. So we decided to give it one last try when we discovered felted soap! We're sure you all know about this already, but we thought it looked really neat. It's a like a washcloth and bar of soap in one! It worked great for us, so we thought we'd share with you how we did it (if you are confused by any of the steps, let us know or check out this link - they have a great picture tutorial!):

What You Need:
  • wool roving
  • a bar of soap
  • bowl of hot water
  • *optional*: felting board or wash board...or bubble wrap! (not included in the pic - sorry!)
First, wrap wool roving around your bar of soap in one direction (the long way)...

...and then the other (the short way) until the bar of soap is completely covered.
If you'd like, add some roving of another color to add some decoration.
Once your soap is covered, start dribbling a little of the hot water onto it slowly. Do not dunk the soap in water or the wool will come off! Continue dribbling and patting until the wool is wet all the way through.
Then you can begin to start squeezing the bar while dribbling water on it once in a while. The wool will start to form around your bar. At this point you can start working/rubbing the soap in your hands. It will start getting foamy and slippery!
Continue to rub the bar of soap, wetting your hands every so often. This part can take a little while, so have patience. When the wool starts to feel tighter on the soap, you can start rubbing your soap on your felting board or wash board. Not ones to buy extra equipment, we used some bubble wrap we had lying around and it worked great! Just rub your bar back and forth and in circles on the mat , being sure to do this on all sides of your soap (if you don't have a felting mat or bubble wrap, just continue to rub and squeeze the soap with your hands)
If you feel like your wool is felted, dip it in your water. If it looks fluffy, keep rubbing. Otherwise run your soap under cold water to tighten the wool (don't worry about the soap suds that are forming). Pat it dry with a towel, then let it air dry.
Ta-da! you now have felted soap! We think would make a fun and unique gift! Or maybe you should just keep it for yourself....
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  1. Cool! I have seen felted soap but didn't know it was so *relatively* easy to make! Thank you for sharing this :)

  2. That is just the coolest thing! We used that as a craft with our VBS kids last year. It was wonderfully fun, messy, and turned out a great final product. They loved it! (We did it outdoors on a sunny day) :-)

  3. I had never even heard of this. I've done felting, but never with soap under the wool!

  4. Thank you for the tip on not dunking the saop. That answers why my previous attemps have alwasy gone belly up!!

    Might even have a go in a minute.

    Thank you


  5. such a great, tactile crafting experience to do with children, with a beautiful AND practical result - bookmarking this to try soon! thank you!

  6. You are so clever!!!

    I have given you a Beautiful Blog Award. Go to the folowing to check it out.

  7. What a great tutorial! I have never tried this - but what great gifts these would make. :)

  8. I have attempted several times without success to create felted soap. Each time I end of tossing the mess into the trash and feeling ugly about it!! :)
    But I have been submerging the soap right off the bat, so that may explain my problem...
    I will try it again today!
    Thanks for posting!

  9. Very interesting! This could be a great gift idea for my sister!

  10. Never heard of this. How unusual (for me anyway LOL). I'm going to have a closer look at it. I do a lot of crafts with kids. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Cool! I have never seen anything like this.

  12. I have never seen anything like this but it turned out great!

  13. What a great idea! I think we'll store this one away for Christmas! Do you buy wool roving at a craft store?

  14. I'm featuring this next monday! thank you for linking up and being so creative!!

  15. Wow, that is pretty cool.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! Love all of your great projects, keep them coming! all the best, Sara