Monday, August 16, 2010

Star Wars Birthday Party - May the Force Be With You!

Eight year old Ben just celebrated his birthday! It had to be a Star Wars party! We invited 16 friends over to watch Star Wars - A New Hope. We had legos and Star Wars figures set up when the guest arrived. The kids built their own star ships. When everyone arrived we put on the movie. The kids played and watched the movie. For a movie snack we ate goldfish crackers and star Wars fruit snacks that we found at Kroger (store brand). After the movie the kids came upstairs for dinner. We had C-pizzi-o and Yoda Soda. We came up with our own recipe. We made limeade with plain seltzer instead of water. Then we spooned in lime sherbet (about a half a tub per batch) to make it frothy. A drink that looks like it came out of the swamps of Degoba.
The cake depicts the scene when Anakin and Obi-wan battle on the river of lava on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. We melted chocolate chips on a sheet of waxed paper and let it cool. We iced our cake with red, orange and yellow frosting, letting it drip and ooze off the cake. Then we topped the cake with broken pieces of the chocolate. We stuck the figures on with a little melted chocolate. It was really easy, but everyone was impressed.
For party Favors we made light sabers out of pretzels covered in candy melts. We even found individual pretzel bags at Michael's.
We also gave out these cute Star Wars cookies. The cookie stamps can be found at Williams and Sonoma.
Each child got one of each.
The highlight of the party was hunting down Darth Vader...
...and attacking him with silly string!! (Daddy was such a good sport!!)

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  1. Awesome!!! Makes me wish I had boys!

  2. What a fun, FUN party!! Love the C-pizzi-O and Yoda Soda! Yeah, you're right about Daddy. good sport. So fun for the boys to have him joining in! I've gotta pass on these ideas to some friends of mine. Thanks. :-)

  3. Glad you like it!! By the way silly string is WAY cheaper at the dollar store!!

  4. This looks like a great party!! That cake looks amazing! I am sure my (now over 40) bf would also love this LOL. I saw the cookie stamps as well and they're so on my list... you can never be too old for star wars!

  5. What a cute party Maggie !! I don't know how to have boys parties, just pink girly ones ! LOL
    See ya in a few days at the wedding : )

  6. Looks fun! Love the cake and the lightsaber pretzels!

  7. Oh WOW! Perfect timing! My son is having his very own 8th Star Wars birthday party in Sept...AND, the cake design he's picked out is the exact same! Love the pretzel light saber idea!

  8. Love the light sabers! Very creative!

  9. very cute! my son had a star wars birthday this summer! wish I would of had some of these ideas!

  10. surfing through blogs for star wars party ideas - it looks like you guys had fun! i jotted down some things for us to copy. thanks! =)