Thursday, September 2, 2010

Green Your Barbeque!

Like many of you we are planning a farewell to summer BBQ for Monday. Our local paper had a timely article about ways to green up your Labor Day Picnics. Some ideas we had heard before, but some were new to us and really made us think. It inspired us to look for ways we could make our party a little greener.

  • We plan on heading to our farmer's market on Saturday morning to pick up great organic produce from local farms.

  • Our tables will be decorated with cloth table clothes (the article also suggested using fabric remnants).

  • We will be using our everyday dishes and silverware. You could also use bamboo flatware or other compostable party ware.
  • We are going to bring our recycling bin out on the patio to make recycling easy for our guests.

Now what his article really inspired us to look at was our grilling method. Gas or electric grills are best for the earth, but if you are going to use charcoal, stay away from briquettes. We looked up what they are made of - animal and vegetation substances and often coal. YIKES!! Instead look for lump charcoal made from pure hard woods. We plan on trying Cowboy Charcoal (which can be found at Trader Joe's). It contains 100% pure wood with no chemicals, coal or fillers.

We have also said goodbye to lighter fluid. We're not sure what took us so long to figure this one out. The harmful fumes that are released aren't good for us or the earth.

We would love to hear from you!! Please share how you are planning to make this a green Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

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  1. If we're looking at electric vs. gas vs. charcoal, we need to also look at how that electricity is produced in the first place. And how is the gas obtained? How is the lump charcoal made? Is it just wood, or has some process been done to it that used electricity or gas in the making of it? Going back to the means of production, it might help us see which of these is actually using fewer resources.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Lots of good green tips! Thanks for joining me for Make It Fantabulous! hope to see you back next week.

  3. We found that a wood burning grill with a gas starter was a good option for us, although we always used a chimney starter instead of lighter fluid. Great tips, ladies!