Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall is Knocking at the Door

With the beauty of fall all around us, we wanted to come up with a project to do with the kids that really showed off all of the wonderful colors. We came across this project, and liked how it was constructed. But since our kids have discovered the fun and "magic" of doing rubbings with leaves and crayons, we wanted to incorporate that too. So we came up with this cute door hanging - perfect to celebrate fall!

What you need:
  • Leaves
  • Stick
  • Construction paper
  • White paper (not pictured)
  • Crayons (not pictured)
  • Twine
  • Glue
  • Scissors
First, you and your little artist should make the rubbings of the leaves. To do this, we placed a leaf under the white paper. Many leaves are more textured on their underside, so have the most textured side facing up. Then we rubbed our crayon (on it's side) over the paper to reveal the leaf underneath. Our boys think this part is pretty magic!

We made a couple copies of the same leaves in different colors.

Then we cut out our leaves...

...and glue it to a piece of construction paper.

We flipped the construction paper over and glue a piece of twine down the center. Then we glued a second cut out of the same leaf on top of the twine. This will help secure it and show a pretty leaf picture even when the wind blows them around.

We then cut around the leaf, leaving a colorful construction paper border. We then repeated the above steps , attaching more colorful leaves up the length of the twine.

Then we tied the twine to our stick and repeated these steps until we had the look we wanted! Finally, we tied more twine to the stick to make a hanger, then hung it on the front door! It's the perfect addition to our fall decorating and a great way to get the kids involved as well!
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  1. Super cute idea for the little ones. We may just do this next week. Thanks for sharing!! Kelly @

  2. That is so cute! Thanks for the great idea, I'll be linking.

  3. Great project to do with your family. Thanks for reminding me of "rubbings with leaves". I'm going to show my 3-year-old. He'll love it!

  4. Great project, love how it combines a few materials and techniques! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  5. What a fun project, anytime you can involve family it's even better.