Monday, November 22, 2010

Stringing Up Some Snow

With fall soon making way for winter, our kids are anxiously awaiting snow (us not so much). And one of their favorite activities this time of year is cutting paper snow flakes. They make them by the thousands, it seems! Because we only have so many windows to hang them in, we needed to find a new way to display these masterpieces. We have been seeing people making garlands by running paper through their sewing machines, so we wondered if the same could be done with our plethora of paper snow flakes! And the answer is yes! (forgive the quality of the pics - our inspiration seems to strike at night when the lighting is poor)

What You Need:
  • a load of paper snow flakes
  • a sewing machine

This is so simple and quick! Simply switch on your machine and run the first snowflake though. Once that once clears the needle, simply run the next one through. Keep going until you are out of snowflakes and you will have a gorgeous winter garland made out of your kid's (or yours!) snowflakes!

The end result is so pretty and everyone will be amazed at your craftiness!
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  1. O Yay! Super cute and the kiddo looks thrilled!

  2. You can sew them? How awesome! Thanks for the tip!

  3. So cute! and then the kids can enjoy them while everyone gets to see out the windows, too. :)

    (found you on C.R.A.F.T.)

  4. so very pretty! a delightful idea!

    happy day!

  5. Going on 4,204,564 and counting! I would say this has been a huge sucess with my triplets. I suppose I ought to buy stock in paper.

    Thank you for the idea. We are having fun. I've got 2 strands up in the living room and they just made several more for their rooms.

  6. That's so pretty! Thanks for the festive idea, I'll be linking.