Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coffee Toffee Ice Cream Cupcakes

Five words that are all delicious on their own - but put them together and WOW! Super yummy (and incredibly easy) treats!

1 10 3/4-oz. frozen pound cake
3/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup confectioners' sugar

2 pints coffee ice cream, slightly softened
1 cup chocolate-covered toffee bits, such as Heath Bar Bits O'Brickle

1. Arrange 12 paper liners in a 12-cup muffin tin. Cut pound cake into 1/2-inc
h-thick slices. Use a 2-inch biscuit cutter to cut 12 circles from slices, reserving scraps for another use. Place circles in bottoms of cupcake liners. *If you don't have a biscuit or cookie cutter the right size - guess what! A shot glass works perfect*

2. Combine heavy cream and confectioners' sugar in a bowl and whip with an electric mixer until cream holds stiff peaks.

3. Scoop ice cream into a large bowl. Reserve 1/4 cup Heath Bar Bits; add remaining Bits to bowl with ice cream. Combine by mashing ice cream and candy with back of a large spoon. (If ice cream gets too soft, place bowl in freezer for 10 minutes before continuing.)

4. Top each pound-cake circle with a scoop of ice cream and cover with whipped cream. Sprinkle with remaining Heath Bar Bits. Lightly drape cupcakes with plastic wrap and place in freezer until firm, at least 2 hours or up to 3 days.

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  1. Oh, yum, that sounds so good and easy to do!

  2. Pretty yummy, and it's only been two hours since breakfast! This is looking very appealing to me. :-)

  3. Oh ~ they look sooooo good, I can't wait to try this recipe !!

  4. Yum! I'm not a coffee person myself, but love the idea. i think I'll try this sometime with some decadent ice cream that only a mom would love. (Then I won't have to share, right?)

  5. oh wow! this would be so good!!! thanks for linking this up!

  6. That's a perfect last minute dessert idea! Looks great!