Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dish Towel Art Work

Not a painter? No problem! Here is the perfect project for a blank canvas and ... a dish towel!!

Dish Towel or Fabric
Blank Canvas *
Staple Gun

*The size is up to you - just be sure that your canvas is slightly smaller than your towel or fabric.


Iron your textile until wrinkle-free, then lay it pattern side-down on a clean work surface. Center your canvas on top of the fabric, leaving at least 1 1/2” of fabric showing on each side. We found our dish towel at the Dollar Tree with the perfect pattern for that little space in the kitchen!

Start on one side of your canvas, near one of the corners, and pull the 
fabric up and over, folding it around the edge of the canvas. Fasten in place with your staple gun. Switch to the other side, near the opposite corner. Continuously alternating sides will ensure your fabric lays smooth.

Finish your piece by folding the fabric over the corners and stapling in 
place. Hang your canvas on a wall or simply lean it against a side table or mantle for a contemporary effect.

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  1. Very cute idea ~ love the way it looks in your kitchen : )

  2. Neat idea!! I've used scrapbook paper and fabric, but never thought of using dishtowels...Gonna have to book mark this and keep my eye out when shopping!! Thanks!