Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dreamy Pillowcase Skirt

Almost a year ago, while trolling the local thrift store for treasures, we came across this funky-patterned pillowcase. With no projects in mind it was quickly purchased to be put away until inspiration struck. So now with spring officially here we are more than ready to shake off the winter blahs and pull out our fun warm weather clothes. But we were feeling like our wardrobe could use a little boost. When we saw this cute idea for turning a pillowcase into a skirt, we knew we had just the right pillowcase for the job! The great part about this skirt is that it has a drawstring waist making it comfy and adjustable! And since it once was a pillowcase, a lot of the sewing has already been done for you!

Note: If you make this, a pillowcase with a seam on one side versus two sides will save you a step or two. But more on that later...

What You Need:
  • 1 pillowcase
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • needle & thread
  • sewing machine (optional, but handy)
First, lay out your pillowcase and cut off the sealed bottom end, leaving you with a tube of fabric. Try it on and see if you like the length, cutting off more if you want to go shorter.

Next, cut a slit about 6 inches up each side. This will make it easier for you to move around in your finished skirt.

Now fold over and pin the cut edges to make a finished edge...

and run it through your sewing machine! Easy-peasy!

This part may be a little confusing, so please let us know if anything is unclear. If you are using a pillowcase with one seam up the side, make two small slits on either side of that seam at the top of your pillowcase (at the waist) through one layer of the fabric. These slits are going to be used to run ribbon through to act as a drawstring. Because of the way the pillowcase is constructed you don't have to sew a casing for the drawstring - it's been done for you! Hand stitch these slits into buttonholes (if you don't know how to make a buttonhole stitch, check out this diagram).

However, if you are like us and the pillowcase you are using has a seam up both sides of your pillowcase, you can't simply run a ribbon through a pre-made casing since the seam on the opposite side prevents the ribbon from going all the way around. So cut your slits lower down at the bottom of the "waistband" and cut though both layers of fabric. Then turn your pillowcase inside out, fold the waistband down, pin it, and sew it to make a casing. Now turn it right side out (this makes more sense when you are actually doing it). This was our first time hand stitching buttonholes, so ignore the laughable craftsmanship! :)

Once your buttonholes are made and you casing is made (if needed), you are almost done! Cut a piece of ribbon at least 4 inches longer than your waist measurement. Attach a safety pin to one end, slip into one of your buttonholes and work it through your casing and out the other buttonhole.

You see that once your ribbon is inside the casing and tied, those pesky buttonholes are impossible to see!

Then step into your new skirt, tie the ribbon, and head out to enjoy the warm weather! This skirt is fast to make, fun to wear, and would be super cute at the beach, park, or on a date! Enjoy!

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  1. Lovely job, your model looks fashionable and pretty.
    I just had to post, however. At my age and size, we would need king sized sheets to make a skirt...though in my heyday, I so could have rocked that skirt. In fact, in the 60's, it would have been shorter, if you can imagine using even less fabric.

  2. What a neat idea! I may have to try this!

  3. LOVE IT!!! It really doesn't get much easier than this!

  4. Brilliant - will try this! I also find pillowcases are great for making kids fancy dress costumes

  5. It looks so cute on you Maggie !!! But honey, they don't make pillow cases big enough to fit this body, I'd need a sheet !!