Thursday, April 14, 2011

Apple Butter Tea

This is a refreshing treat that can be served over ice or is perfect served warm on early morning that is still chilly!

12 cups of water
2 Family sized tea bags
½ cup apple butter


Follow instructions on tea bags and while tea is hot, add apple butter. This smells and tastes so delicious - it is like a warm mulled cider. Serve over ice. *FYI - if your husband is one of those that just puts the ice cube trays back in the freezer without refilling them, may want to check on that before planning on using this as an iced version - we learned that the hard way!

If tea isn’t sweet enough add more apple butter. This is perfect blend for those who do and don't like sweet tea!

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  1. Apple butter is basically a concentrated form of apple sauce that is cooked low and slow until the natural sugars caramelize giving it that dark brown color. It's SO yummy! I think you can find it in the jelly or applesauce aisle in the grocery store.

  2. It looks delicious ~ I can't wait to try it !! Anything with apple butter in it would be yummy : )

  3. Make your own apple butter in a crock pot - add cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar to a bunch of sliced, peeled apples and cook for 8 hours or so. Lots of recipes online!