Thursday, April 28, 2011

Earth Friendly Party

Over the past weekend, Maggie and Rebecca were in the St. Louis area visiting family. They had a little free time, and decided to visit the The Butterfly House in Chesterfeild, MO.

As you can see the boys had a great time climbing on the giant caterpillar.

It was even fun to get eaten by the giant caterpillar!

Inside they were surprised to find (besides lots of butterflies and other bugs) an Earth Day Celebration going on. They realized the activities would make for a fun and educational children's birthday party. (or anytime activities)

There was nature themed face painting.

The kids played water bottle bowling. The bottles had a little gravel at the bottom for added weight. The balls seemed to be made out of recycled paper pulp.

Acorn toss - which was a lot like Bozo's Buckets - but with acorns. You could use pine cones or some other natural materials to toss.

Not sure what this game was called, but the kids loved it. They tossed a rope with a small paper pulp balls on each end. They had to catch them on the poles to win a prize.

There was also several craft tables set up. The kids made pine cone bird feeders, paper towel tube rain sicks, plastic tub wind socks, toilet paper tube bees and our favorite - seed bombs!

They kids had a blast and learned a little something too.

Add a birthday cake on some reusable plates and you have a great children's party!

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  1. It still always puzzles me when I ponder how we can possibly affect what the sun, 93,000,000 miles away, is doing. On the other hand, the ball of energy/fire we know as the sun, is pretty much calling all the shots. One major solar flare, like the one in 1959?, the Carrington Event, could wipe out all our electronics. Still, I totally agree with being good stewards of the earth. It is our responsibility. But it so often becomes a political tool to manipulate people and extract money.

  2. The game you were unfamiliar with is called Ladder Golf or Lasso Golf. :)

    That looks like a fun celebration!

  3. Awesome! glad you guys had a great time in our old stomping grounds of STL!

    -cousin brad.