Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Bunny Pancakes!

You may have noticed we love pancakes! They are so versatile and of course lots of fun. We saw these pancakes in a e-mail we received from Chicago Parent Magazine. We knew they would be perfect for Easter morning. If rabbits aren't your cup of tea, you could make another shape using the same technique. First we made a big batch of our favorite pancake batter. We found it worked better when we left the batter on the thick side.
We divided the batter into a small batch that we dyed blue. Then we divided the rest in half. One batch was left white and the other was dyed pink. We put the batter into zip lock baggies. Then we cut small holes in the corner of each bag. Pull the cut end up so it doesn't pour all over your counter. Preheat your pan and "draw" the eyes, mouth and inner ear with the blue and white batter. Watch out for the side of the pan. We burnt a hole in the bag of batter and had a real mess!!!

Fill in the bunny face with the pink batter. They look better after they flip.

Add chocolate chips for the nose. You could also use m & m s, raisins or nuts.

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  1. Aww ~ such a cute idea !!! I'm going to share this on my Facebook page : )

  2. I'm passing on an award to you today...check it out on my blog!