Monday, May 2, 2011

Gross Out!

This weekend, Maggie's son Jack turned six (where did the time go??). When asked what kind of party he wanted, he gleefully answered, "A GROSS party!!" This was right up our alley!
(Here are Jack, Jonah, & Ben making gross faces)

We were expecting a pretty large group kids, so we wanted to have activities that were not very structured and would allow the kids to do them at their leisure. We made a large batch of slime for the kids to get good and goopy in.We also made some "Mystery Boxes"! We cut holes in empty diaper boxes, painted them black and decorated them with question marks. We then covered the holes with black fabric.

When the boxes were done and ready for the party, we placed bowls of icky feeling things (cold, wet spaghetti, peeled grapes, and wet batting) inside. We then let the kids stick their hands inside (without seeing what's inside, of course) and feel the grossness!!

Another activity we had for the kids was super-simple! We hung a ton of streamers from the ceiling and just let the kids run through them! While it sounds like a pretty basic idea, the kids loved it!!

No gross party would be complete without a gross birthday cake! We had such a large group that we decided to make two sheet cakes. We then covered them in slime green-colored frosting and decorated it with plastic, eyeballs, witch fingers, bugs, and various gummy creatures. Super icky-looking but oh-so-tasty! The kids washed down their gross cake with tall glasses of Auntie's Yoda Soda (although we changed the name to "Swamp Soda").

The final activity we did was a piƱata. Using pretty much the same technique we've used before, we made this one in the shape of an eyeball!

So there you have it! A really gross party using a few simple things that we pretty much had on hand! Happy Birthday Jack!
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  1. Looks really gross!

    Good job! :)

  2. Oh. Em. GEE!!! This must be the coolest party ever. And the coolest kid on the block to ask for it! Hey, I'll be 33 in July, can I please have a gross party? What a stinkin' awesome idea! I love what you did, every last icky bit. I gotta rememberthose gross boxes for Hallowe'en, I bet the wee ones are going to be all over them. Heck yeah!

  3. What acute idea. Lots more creativity than money. I like that