Monday, May 30, 2011

This Bud's For You!

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you and your family are enjoying beautiful weather! We've actually had quite a bit of rain lately, which has made the flowers so happy. Our kids are also happy, since they LOVE to pick flowers! The flowers they pick tend to have short stems (though we keep telling them to pick further down the stem!), and therefor need little bud vases to hold them. Around here vases little enough can be in short supply, so sometimes we have to resort to using shot glasses....classy! But thanks to Camilla from Family Craft, we now have a great way to dress up our less-than-attractive shot glass vases!

What You Need:
  • a shot glass or two
  • balloons
  • scissors

First, cut a bit off of the neck of a balloon.

Then work it over your shot glass going from the bottom to the top. You can then either leave the neck of the balloon pointing up...

...but we like it tucked in.

Fill your new, modern-looking bud vase with water and pop in a flower or two!

The perfect way to brighten up a rainy spring day!
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  1. this is brilliant! thanks for sharing your find!

  2. cute idea my 2 yr old loves to pic flowers and all i have is one tall skinny vase that is too tall so this will be perfect