Thursday, June 2, 2011

$1 Yard Sale Wreath Re-Vamp

One of our favorite things about summer - yard sales! It's always fun to find a great bargain and turn something from blah to ta-dah! With a few supplies already on hand at home and $1 later - a brand new spring/summer wreath for the front door!


$1 yard sale wreath

Grapevine Wreath - on hand (but you can find for under $5 at most craft stores)

Floral Wire - on hand

Curling Ribbon - on hand

We really got lucky with this flower wreath - all we had to do was remove the blue flowers (didn't really match our decor)!

Using floral wire, the yard sale wreath was wired to the grapevine wreath to hold secure.

Still missing something but not sure what - curling ribbon! A few strands curled on the side and the punch of color was just what we were looking for!

What can you buy for $1 these days? That's the perfect price for this summer wreath!
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1 comment:

  1. I love the idea of adding the grapevine wreath behind it to make it fuller & bigger !! Great yard sale finds : )