Monday, June 27, 2011

The Great Pouf Challenge!

We sometimes get emails from readers asking various questions, including asking about how we might craft with various materials. Recently, we received the following email from reader Alaina:

I have followed you on facebook and your website and adore all of your great ideas. I'm in a bind and hoping you can help. My mom unravelled one of those mesh bath sponges, leaving a long mesh tube. She gave it to me and said "Here, make something with this!" I am crafty, but haven't come up with anything and have not found any ideas online either. Is there anything you can suggest to me and maybe your legion of readers?? I don't want to throw in the towel - or sponge in this case! Any contributions would be greatly appreciated and I would be honored to be able to use your idea.

We were thrilled with the challenge of coming up with something to do with the bath pouf's meshy material....until we realized that we had NO ideas! We even asked the husbands for ideas! But nothing came to us. Rebecca then had a great idea: why not have a contest? So that's what we've decided to do!

Here, dear readers, is where you come in! Starting today until Thursday July 7th, you can leave a comment on this post giving us your idea with what to do with the material from a bath pouf. We will be looking for the most creative, yet easily doable idea. The winner will be announced/featured on Monday July 11th (yep! We will make your project idea into a reality!) ! We will also have a small thank you gift for the winner, so make sure you leave your email address with your submission!

So enter your awesome ideas - and enter as many as you'd like! We can't wait to see what you come up with!! Let The Great Pouf Challenge begin!!
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  1. I think some time ago, I saw a threadbanger tutorial showing how to make a dress from many poufs. They sort of opened them, and then stitched them, in ruffles, to a tube dress they had made from old T-Shirts. It really wasn´t that bad.

  2. Take the poof scrunch it up and glue it to a hair clip.

  3. Or you could make rolled up flowers from it to use as hair clips. Make a bunch and make a necklace. Add them as an embellishment to a dress or something like that.

  4. Make reusable produce bags! No more clingy plastic produce bags to fill up our land fills! You cut it into a bunch of shorter tubes, tie one end and weave a drawstring through the holes about and inch from the top and boom, you're done! (For another little finishing touch sew bias tape all around the top edge!) I've done it, and it's really easy and quick, plus your saving the earth!

  5. How about using it with some comet to clean out your tub or sinks ??
    I also bought one for my 2 year old grandson at Walmart, that had a plastic car on it , from the movie Cars ~ it will make him be sure to clean himself better while taking a bath !

  6. Another idea is make bath toy bags. You would do it a lot I already described but add a hang tie on each side as apposed to the drawstring. (Also I should add the fact that if your making produce bags your should place the poof tube into a lingerie bag and throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher to sterilize it!)

  7. My Mom would make a scrubbing brush. She would cut out the handle from an empty milk jug. She would cut a circular rectangle around the handle and poke equal amounts of holes on the plastic(point of scissors or hole punch) the mesh sponge would be cut into equal part sections. She would poke an end of the sponge through the hole(towards the handle) and out through a close hole(away from the handle) and make sure the ends were all the same length. She would them use the brush to clean her body or whatever she need to clean.

  8. I am not sure how much pouf you need for this, but my Mom also took a wire hanger and bent the shoulder part to make a circle. She tied many small sections of mesh around the wire to make a nice wreath. The top of the hanger was then hung on the nail in our door. She would combine colors and add a ribbon.

  9. I think there are several possibilities (although I love many that have already been mentioned).

    One would be to use a t-shirt of similar color and craft an Anthropologie inspired tank top

    I also think it could be crafted into a cool beachy look necklace with shells from the dollar store - some inside the tube with the shells on the inside and other glued on the outside.

    For more practical purposes could be used as a lingerie wash bags sewing a seam at the bottom and using rubber bands or tying knots in the top.

    For a kid's birthday party it could be cut into pieces, sewn at the bottom and then using a hanger cut into pieces and bent into the shape of a fish net then glue the top to the edge and have a kiddie pool filled with water with prizes at the bottom that they could scoop up.

  10. Dish scrubbies. I already make them with Plastic bags, but bath poof material is perfect too, and does a great job on the harder to get off stuff. Just Crochet it into a disk. use a larger hook, and make sure it's one that you won't use for yarn (the plastic/twill will chew up the hook, not bad but bad enough yarn will catch)

    1. I just may have to do this idea of yours'. I may even just use it for myself still since I have one that is starting to unravel. Thank you for warning me that it is likely going to scuff up my crochet hook, thankfully I have several size N hooks and can sacrifice one for the job. :D