Monday, June 6, 2011

Pooch Paint!

Who made this beautiful piece of modern artwork? Well, it was our little shit-tzu Rocky! We're so proud of our little artist. Today Rebecca and her family went to the neighborhood dog park for Woofstock. An event for dogs and their owners. There, Rocky made this painting. It turned out so cute and easy, we thought it would be fun to try with our other dog friends. This would make a great gift for a doggy grandparent or a father's day present for a doggy dad.

We wish we had taken more pictures while rocky was painting it was so adorable!

What you need:

  • a calm, willing dog

  • nontoxic paints they used acrylic, but we thought tempera paints would be better

  • paper

  • foam paint brush

  • matting

  • frame - optional

  • An Extra person to lend a hand

Take your furry friend outside. You may want to have some wet washcloths handy, or maybe even a kiddie pool ready. An extra set of hands is also really helpful! This could get messy!Squeeze small blobs of paint on a plate (3 colors worked well). Using the foam brush, dab paint on your pup's paw and dab the paw on the paper.
Add a much or as little paint as you like.

Let your artwork dry and now it is ready to matte and frame.

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  1. Oh how cute and fun! Let's see: our grandpuppy, the border collie, wouldn't be a candidate. She's not calm. Misty is a little cranky, but my 124 pound German Shepherd may be the next Picasso. Who knows!!

    What a cute doggie there. :-)