Monday, August 22, 2011

Mamas are Back!!

Well we recently came back from visiting our family in beautiful Pennsylvania. We knew we would have a great time once we got there, but it was the getting there that we weren't so sure about. The trip from Chicago took about 11 hours each way! It was a tight squeeze with 7 of us in the car, but we were prepared with our backseat car organizers, loaded with all kinds of craft supplies, books and activity pages.

Those creative kids came up with all kinds of ideas and uses for the art supplies.

Homemade Nana brought a supply of surprises for each kid to open every hour. Most were small toys, craft supplies or treats from the dollar store. If you are planning a long road trip, we highly recommend this idea! The kids loved the surprises! The new toy or treat kept them busy until it was time for the next one.We all enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Once in Pennsylvania, the boys had fun climbing old tanks at the park across the street...

wading in the creek behind our Aunt's house, exploring, and of course spending lots of time with our wonderful family!

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