Thursday, September 1, 2011

T-Shirt Pillow...POW!

Our boys are usually pretty well behaved, except for one thing: they insist on growing! We keep telling them to stay little, but they just don't listen. So we seem to constantly have to go through their clothes, weeding out what no longer fits. While we normally give the out-grown clothes to other kids we know or to charity, sometimes there is that one too-cute t-shirt that we can't seem to part with. One such item was Charlie's muscle shirt that reads,"POW!". And since his 3-year-old body won't fit into the 24 month shirt, and we didn't have the heart to give it away, we decided to make a little pillow out of it for him! It was so easy we knew we had to share it!

What You Need:
  • 1 old t-shirt
  • scissors or roller cutter
  • sewing machine
  • stuffing
  • pins
  • needle & thread
First, lay your shirt out flat and decide how you want to cut your shirt. After looking at the size and shape of our shirt as well as the image on the shirt, we decided to just simply cut the top off. That way the sides were kept in tact, which meant less sewing!

Turn your fabric inside out so that the right sides are facing. Pin the raw edges together.

Sew it up, being careful to remember to leave a hole so that you can stuff your pillow.

Now turn it right side out and stuff it like there's no tomorrow!

Sew up the hole with your needle and thread. And you're done!

As you can see,the new pillow is a hit with Charlie - he now carries it around with him!

Too cute and too easy! A simple way to give new life to your kids' old clothes!
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  1. I did this exact same thing a couple of months ago with one of my boys Super Mario T-shirts, it turned out great and he loves it!