Monday, October 10, 2011

Homemade Halloweenification!

Now that the days are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to fall, our boys thoughts have turned to ghost and goblins, Our homes have been decorated since October !st (we had to force them to wait that long). Today they all went to Nana's house and decided they had to "Halloweenify" her condo. Nana was a great sport and gave the boys free reign over decorating - and a pile of construction paper, glue and scissors! Those boys are so creative! Who needs store bought decorations when you have creative kids around! We gave them the supplies and they came up with so many cute ideas. Sorry the pics. aren't so great. It was an spontaneous craft day and all we had was our phone's camera.

Bat mobile - (ha ha) Ok mom helped a little with this one.

Bats, ghost and window markers!

Blood dripping down the windows (Oh, what must the neighbors think!)

Spiders in the windows make great silhouettes!

Ben made this spooky spiderweb by cutting paper like you would paper snowflakes.

Jacks "bloody" hand prints decorate Nana's fire[lace.

Ben made these scary trees using brown, rolled up paper and a hole punch for eyes.

We weren't planning on having a crafty afternoon. In fact we had another project all set to post. We were so inspired by the boys creativity today that we wanted to share their ideas with you. Kids are so structured today. They reminded us that it is so important to give them time to create and express themselves freely. They will surprise you every time!

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  1. love this!!!! cant wait till my daughter is older lol

  2. So much fun! That is what I'm on my way to do. Each of us has chosen a craft for the we'll do at least 3 and depending on how long they take, maybe more.