Thursday, November 10, 2011

Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner - part 2

Starting next week, we will begin our 12 Days of Homemade Christmas. We will have 12 post dedicated to holiday foods, crafts, gifts and fun! So before that starts we wanted to catch you up with how the homemade citrus enzyme cleaner turned out.

Click here to see the recipe and uses for the enzyme cleaner made from fruit scrapes, brown sugar and water. As you may recall it takes 3 months to prepare. We actually have another week before is fully mature, but we didn't want to wait until after the holidays to share our results with you!

We decided to put the enzyme cleaner to the test. We poured a half cup of strained cleaner into a spray bottle and added twenty ounces of water to dilute. Then we hit the house! We were quite impressed with our results. The enzyme cleaner was fantastic in the kitchen and the bathroom. It cleaned the tile floors and the grout really well. It totally eliminated the odors in the plastic garbage cans. It even cleaned the mirrors. The most impressive results were when in cleaning around the toilet (we have little boys with bad aim). It removed all the unpleasant bathroom odors. The bathroom is super clean and smells fresh!

For once we were kind of excited when Rocky, the dog, had an accident in the house. Here was our chance to really give the enzyme cleaner a workout! Our cleaner came through with flying colors!

We totally recommend giving this recipe a try! We have already started another batch.

A Few Tips:

  • Keep the lid very loose. The first few weeks there is a lot of gas pressure.

  • Keep the cleaner somewhere you will see it so you will remember to shake it. (everyday for the first few weeks)

  • The cleaner should keep indefinitely

  • If you keep the fruit bits in your cleaner it will continue to get stronger.

  • Use diluted, but use more cleaner for tougher jobs

We recommend allowing the product to sit for about five minutes, more for tougher jobs
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  1. That is the first time I've heard of someone happy if the dog has an accident in the house. lol Sounds like a great cleaner! Thanks for the recipe.

    I hope you'll stop in at Cranberry Morning and take my scent survey this morning: Woodsy, Fruity, Floral, Spicy, or Herbal. Which do YOU like best? :-)

  2. Word of caution, keep out of reach of children. My boyfriend was looking this over with me and he noticed that this is the same recipe that prisoners use to make "jungle Juice" or prison wine. He had to take a class on this at work. We are going to make it, but we will be extra sure to keep it locked away from the kids.

  3. thank you I am trying this since it sounds like a great cleaner. I love homemade cleaners!
    I linked to your website on my blog since I am making this to see for myself.

  4. I just looked up the recipe to jungle juice ... it doesn't use fruit scraps and sitting. It uses sodas, fruits, and alcohol to make it alcoholic.

  5. I made this in January and left the fruit bits in so it could get stronger... It is now July and it smells just like tequila! Wonder if that is what is is supposed to smell like. I thought it would smell more like vinegar. And I'm kinda afraid to use it on my hardwood floors. Anyone have this experience?

  6. so you know this IS a form of jungle juice and some people use honey instead of brown sugar and they do drink it..Citrus smells the best but you can use any kind of peels..It is an excellent cleaner..You can use it on hardwood but has to be a DAMP mop not wet and be aware it will remove wax so make sure you dilute..