Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 9 - White Chocolate Pretzel Snowmen!

When we opened our Taste Of Home holiday issue. We knew we had to make these cute little guys! Sweet, salty and delicious! They would be great treats for any holiday party or enjoyed with a mug of hot cocoa. Gather up the kiddies and make a batch of these frosty fellows!

What you need:

  • long pretzel rods

  • White chocolate chips

  • gumdrops for the top of the hat (we used Christmas Dots)

  • gumdrop rings for the hat brim(we used gummy lifesavers)

  • mini chocolate chips

  • mini m & m's - for buttons and carrot nose, we couldn't find them so we used mini chocolate chips and orange fruit snacks.

  • Fruit by the foot for scarfs

  • wax paper

We put the chocolate chips in a glass and melted them in the microwave. Watch out, stuffepuppies like white chocolate too! While the chocolate was melting, we got the candy ready! We cut the fruit by the foot in half and into about 8 inch strips. We cut orange fruit snacks into carrot shapes. After the chocolate had melted, we assembled the hats. We used a little white chocolate to glue together. The directions had us make them this way, but... ...we thought that flipping the gumdrops over makes them look more like tophats.

The directions for assembly were a little vague. After a little experimenting we figured out a few tips. First we dipped the pretzel rods then laid them on a piece of wax paper. We made the face and added the buttons. Let the chocolate harden then tie on the scarves. Stand the snowmen up in glasses. "Glue" a hat on with a little melted chocolate.

After a few minutes your snowmen will be ready to package or simply eat!
Jonah thought that was a good idea!

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  1. those are adorable! & a great idea too!