Monday, January 23, 2012


Ok, we never really thought of ourselves as one of those people. You know the type. The crazy pet people who buy and make goofy clothes for their pets. We swore we'd never do that. Then we got pets, and the urge to dress them crept up on us. We don't know why...there is no excuse, we know. So when we came across this post on Dollar Store Crafts for making legwarmers for your dog, we knew that we couldn't fight our crazy pet people urges anymore - these are too stinkin' cute! We modified it a little, swapping out fleece for the knit scarf. Using fleece means there is waaaay less sewing involved - you can make these in a matter of minutes! And your pooch will be toasty in no time!

How could we look at Dory's sweet face and deny her warm legs?

What You Need:
  • fleece (we chose a sassy blue!)
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional)
  • sewing machine/needle & thread
  • a willing pooch
First, you might want to take a couple quick measurements to decide the size your legwarmers need to be.

Then using those measurements, cut 4 rectangles out of your fleece. Then wrap them around your dog's legs and make any adjustments to the size. Ours were too big, so we cut them down a bit.

Next, fold your rectangles in half lengthwise, then pin and sew them up with a zig-zag stitch.

And that's it! Try them on your dog, then if you want you can add some decorative touches. We chose to hand-stitch some pink bows to Dory's.

Now she's ready to strut her inner Flashdance!

And we are ready to embrace the fact that we are those crazy pet people!
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  1. OMG! That's precious! and my cats woud just HATE it! If I could even get anywhere near them with a tape meausre (without the little one playing with it) and put stuff on their legs, even when asleep. Heheeh

  2. ::giggle:: once you put up the video of her doing the dance, THEN we will embrace you as crazy :) Love the idea though (and such a good model she was!)

  3. OMG that is far to cute! Made me smile. Your Dory reminds me of my Bella so I was visualizing leg warmers on her. My husband would think I lost my mind. Lol