Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sentimental Scarf - Wrap Up in Memories!

We wanted to share this cool scarf made by our good friend Erin Murphy.

Like most of us, she had tons of sweatshirts and t-shirts that she had collected over the years. Most had sentimental value to her and represented a special time or event in her life. She decided to turn them into a reversible scarf. We love how personal this project is! It expresses who she is and where she has been.

What a great gift this would make!

One side is all t-shirts.

The other side is all sweatshirts. If you didn't have enough shirts to make your scarf double sided, you could use fleece or another fabric to back your scarf.
Decide how long and wide you would like your scarf. You may want to use another scarf as a template. Cut squares and rectangles out of your shirts that are the same width (They don't have to be the same length.) If you are making a double sided scarf, both sides should add up to the same length. (hope that makes sense). Sew squares together, right sides facing each other. Next, sew the front and back of your scarf together, with the right sides facing each other. Leave an opening at one end and turn scarf right side out and hand sew shut.

In no time you will be wrapped in warmth and memories!
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