Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rose Cupcakes!

Due to technical difficulties, we don't have any assembly pictures of these sweet, candy rose cupcakes from FamilyFun, but they were so cute and easy to make we decided to post them anyway. These will be the perfect treat to any Valentine's Day celebration. No one will realize how quick and easy they really are to make! It took our guest quite a while to realize they were made with only fruit roll ups. (What could be better than cupcakes topped with fruit roll ups?!?!)

You could also save these pretty rose cupcakes for a birthday or Mother's Day party.

What you need:

  • cupcakes - we used full size, but mini would be adorable! Red velvet is a MUST! :)

  • icing- white or pink

  • Fruit by the Foot in cherry rage or strawberry - each one makes two roses.

  • One green fruit roll up

  • scissors

First frost your cupcakes. Next, unroll your fruit by the foot. Hopefully you will find that yours are perforated down the middle in a wavy line. Some of ours were not, so we cut them down the middle in a wavy line ourselves. In fact, we had some with a square zig-zag line running down it. We just cut over it and they worked fine as well.

Start by rolling one of the halves about five inches to form the flower center. Place it in the center of your cupcake wavy side up, and continue to loosely wrapping the fruit roll up around the center angling slightly outward until the flower is complete.

Cut leaf shapes out of the green fruit roll up. Fold them length wise to give them a little shape, and then tuck them under the rose.

In no time you will have a tray of beautiful treats that will delight guest of all ages!

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  1. Cute idea Maggie ~ I'm sure the kids loved doing this also !

  2. Wow! Way too pretty to eat... Please consider sharing on my little blog hop.