Thursday, March 22, 2012

Craft Rage to Craft Rad: The Rectangle Shirt

See this cute shirt? It was created thanks to a major craft fail on our part....

Like so many of you in Blogland, we saw this amazing project from Behind The Seams and *knew* it was perfect! It was quick, simple, and looked fabulous on it's creator. We even checked out the versions other people made and THEIRS looked fabulous. Then Maggie made her own and it looked... HIDEOUS (too hideous to even take a picture of)! How could something that looked so great on the rest of the world look like something out of Dorothy Zbornak's closet on her? What was even more frustrating was that the fabric used was now pretty much ruined, since there were now two big vertical slits in the middle of it. That was when the Craft Rage set in (you know that feeling, don't you? When you are so excited about a project and think about doing it for the longest time, only to have it blow up in your face? That's Craft Rage). But we were determined to make something cute out of this disaster. So we laid out the fabric and pondered....and decided to try a make a Rectangle Shirt! Since this project was created in the haze of Craft Rage, it is hardly scientific. But hopefully you can follow along and maybe you can recreate it yourself!

What You Need:
  • about a yard of jersey fabric, more or less depending on your size
  • rotary cutter and mat, or scissors
  • chalk (we couldn't find chalk - used a pastel!)
  • pins
  • ruler (ruler was lost, too. Used a block of wood...scientific, right?)
  • a t-shirt you like the fit of

Once we laid out our fabric, we folded it in half so the offending slits lined up with each other then cut it just at the bottom of them.

Then it was time to create the neck hole. We folded the fabric in half again, so it was quartered. them mimicked the curve of a favorite t-shirt's neckline with our rotary cutter.

At this point we unfolded it and put it over Maggie's head to get an idea of how long it was going to be. Too long. So we quartered it again and sliced off the bottom!

We then opened it up and laid it out. After laying our t-shirt on top to get an idea of how we wanted to the side to fit, we grabbed our ruler (ok, ok....our block of wood) and pastel pencil and drew lines up both sides to about where we wanted the arm holes to be. Then we pinned up the lines and tried it on Maggie to make sure it would fit. Once all adjustments were made we were ready to sew!

With this type of shirt there is no turning it inside out to sew it. Simply sew on top of those two lines you created! This will give the shirt it's ruffly, wing-like effect! And because it's made from jersey you don't have to sew any seams...unless you want to.

Then all that was left was pair it with a cute necklace! We were (and still are!) THRILLED with the results! In our mad, manic rush to create something out of that infuriating craft fail of ours, we managed to make something super-awesome!! We went from Craft Rage to Craft Rad!

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  1. That shirt is made even more fabulous by the tattoos!

    Nice one ladies! I am so going to try this.

  2. Thats Awesome, and SO easy!
    I'm definately going to have to try this

  3. I made one from lace for my grown daughter to wear to work. Her co-workers wanted to know where she bought it so they could get one..some of the guys too for their ladies as gifts!! She said my mom made it for me. She wants one in pink and in green and LOL

  4. First: great tattoos!!
    Second: Weeee! Just yesterday night i ruined a pretty big piece of jersey and was wondering what to do with it... now I know! Thank you Ladies, good job, as always...

    Tomorrow you may have a look at my results here if you like: this is also the place I'm going to put a link to you if you don't mind, 'cause your blog is awesome and I want to share it with some german readers!

    Have a nice day, Kate

  5. that behind the seams idea was on my to-do list, but now yours is too! looks fantastic! :) lisa


  7. its very branded t shirts i like it so much