Monday, March 5, 2012

Doily Box

When Maggie's husband brought home a plain, unfinished box, she knew it needed a little something to make it cute. We knew that this idea from Crafty Nest would be perfect for gussying it up! Since she had plans to use it in her kitchen to hold pens and pencils, Maggie turned to the tiled wall there for color inspiration (when they first moved in her family thought it was kinda goofy, but now it's one of their favorite features of the house!).
And the blue doily-thing we found just happened to be the perfect shade! Like in our original inspiration, we were planning on painting over it, but since the color was so cute we decided to change the project up a bit to show it off! Unfortunately, the pics don't show the color very well! But trust us - it's a deep, pretty blue!

What You Need:
  • plain box
  • doily or lace trim
  • paint
  • craft glue
  • waxed paper

First, Line up your doily on your box and see if the size is right. Ours was a little long so we trimmed off the edges a bit to fit.

Next, you may want to prime your box. Once it's dry, add the paint color of your choice! We decided on a golden yellow to accent the yellow in the kitchen tiles.

Don't forget to paint the inside as well!

When the paint is dry, place your doily back side up on the wax paper. Then add plenty of craft glue to the back of your doily and spread it around making sure it is well saturated.

Pick up the waxed paper with the doily still on it and place it on your box where you want to doily to sit. Then (with the waxed paper still on) press and smooth down your doily firmly. Gently peel back the wax paper.

We also decided to add a piece of the trimmed edge to the front of the box as well!

Let your doily dry completely. And you're done! Finally Maggie went from having pens and pencils stored on her counter top in a bucket and Turkish coffee pot... having them neatly held in this cute box! So much better!

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  1. Definitely cute! I love making things like that because people will ask where you got them, and you get to say you made it yourself! Thanks for the post!

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