Monday, March 12, 2012

Lacy Tile Trivets

While cruising Pinterest we came across this great tutorial from Maggie has a ton (and we mean a TON!) of tiles in her basement that were left by the previous owner of her house so we knew this would be a simple project for us to do using materials we already had on hand. We think this project is so great because not only is it cheap (or free in our case) but it's also quick, simple, and the end results are GORGEOUS! We can't wait to give these out as gifts!

What You Need:
  • ceramic tiles
  • lace (don't use good lace as it will be ruined by this project)
  • spray adhesive
  • spray paint
  • clear acrylic spray (optional)
  • felt (optional)

This is so easy, you won't believe it! Cut out your lace to fit the tiles. Play around with it! We covered one tile completely but only partially covered the other (our lace is some we had leftover from our lace tunic project). Then spray the lace with the spray adhesive and smooth it firmly onto your tile.

Then give the tiles a nice, even coat of spray paint, being careful not to put too much on. Too much will make the paint puddle and can ruin the lacy effect.

Once you are finished painting, peel the lace up form the tile - you don't even have to wait for the paint to dry! Then admire your craftiness! At this point you can cover the back of your tile with felt to protect your tabletops. We also added a coat of clear acrylic spray to help add some durability to the tiles.

Now you can simply display your new, pretty tiles....

Or put them to good use as trivets!

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  1. Would the heat from a hot pot or pan affect the sealant in any way?

  2. I'm sure it depends on your sealant. So far, so good with ours! :)