Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Party Like a Zombie!

Birthday season is upon us. Half our family has birthdays in the next few months. Today was Jonah's 7th birthday. Mom asked what kind of party he wanted. He immediately responded "Zombie Party!" ... Zombie Party?
We put on our thinking caps and came up with a cool (but not too scary) zombie party.

We ordered pizza - Jonah's request - and had some red jello with gummy worms. Instead of a big cake we had cupcakes.
What kind of cake would a zombie want?

Brain cupcakes of course!!

We make red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting. We tinted it with a little red (3 drops) blue (1 drop) and green (1 drop). Then piped it to look like little brains.
During the party, the kids decided to decorate the cupcakes with some of the gummy creatures that were out on the table - great idea kids!

When the kids first came over we transformed into zombies with a little face paint.

We made each guest a zombie t-shirt to protect their clothes and complete the zombie look. (We'll show you how we made these next time!)
Nana printed out zombie coloring pages for the kids.

We thought about playing a game of pin the liver on the zombie, but after painting their faces, all the kids wanted to do was chase each other around the house! Battling zombies is sooo much fun!
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  1. What a brainy idea! CUTE. :-) And what is it with kids and zombies anyway! When I was a kid we all loved to scare one another, loved ghost stories, and the creepier the better. Kids! ♥

  2. This is too funny! My daughter has been begging for a zombie party for her birthday this summer...I blame it all on Wizards of Waverly Place:-) And she wants brain cake too, so I will have to remember all of this for sure!!!! Thanks for sharing !!!

  3. You are such a great mom! There is no way my mom would have let this happen when I was a kid, haha. Such creativity!