Sunday, March 18, 2012

Zombie T-Shirts

Here are the shirts we gave out as favors at Jonah's Zombie Party! We wanted everyone to look like a zombie as well as protect their clothes from zombie facepaint.
Now, you may not be having a zombie party, but you could use the same method for other parties or just for making fun t-shirts.
What you need:
~ shirts
~ dye
~ sheets of acetate
~ X-acto knife
~ fabric paint
~ stenciling brush or sponge
~ picture of zombies
~ waxed paper
We used white t-shirts, because we wanted we wanted to tie dye them a dirty zombie color. We also needed 10 shirts, so it was much cheaper to buy white ones. You could also use colored shirts and skip the tie dye step.
First we dyed the shirts using rit fabric dye (powder) We mixed kelly green and gray and followed the washing machine instructions. We soaked the shirts for a while. When we checked on them, they were kind of a turquoise color - not what we were hoping for. So we ran to the store and bought some brown dye and sprinkled about half of the package on the shirts. Perfect!
When they were the perfect color we rinsed and dried the shirts.
Next we prepared our stencils. We printed out our zombie pictures and words off the computer.

We taped the acetate sheet to the paper and then cut out the stencil using the X-acto knife. We had to modify some of the letters so there were no holes in them - e, p, b and o.

We put a sheet of wax paper inside each shirt so that the paint would not soak through. You could also use cardboard or newspaper. We taped the stencil where we wanted it on the shirt.

We put some fabric paint on a plate. We dabbed it on in an up and down motion covering the shirt in an even layer of paint. We didn't let them dry before removing the stencil - we had so many to make. We did all ten in a row and were done in no time!
As a final zombie touch, we cut and distressed the shirts with holes, slashes and crooked ends.

They looked so cool, several adults have asked for shirts of their own!
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