Monday, April 30, 2012

Jedi Training Camp

Yesterday was Jack's 7th birthday, and when he was asked what kind of party he wanted, we have to admit that we groaned a little bit at his answer: A Star Wars party. (If you are new to our little blog, you should know that we have already done TWO Star Wars themed parties for Rebecca's boys Ben and Jonah) While we love Star Wars, the thought of doing a third party with this theme made us want to throw up a little bit. But we saw coming up with ideas and activities as a creative challenge...and we LOVE a challenge!
Rebecca had the fantastic idea of turning the regular Star Wars Party into a "Jedi Training Camp" party, and Jack was thrilled with that idea! We made super-simple tunics for the party guests (made out of fabric from the sale table of our local fabric store!), as well as some Jedi robes for our boys (who also insisted on "Padawan braids").  We were a little worried that perhaps the other kids wouldn't share our boys' love of costumes, but they thought it was AWESOME! Plus they got to take them home as a party favor!

We then asked Ben, as the eldest in the group, to act as the Jedi master and help lead the younger kids in our activities. He jumped at the chance to break out his best Obi-Wan Kenobi voice!

We kept our activities really simple, having the kids do things like bounce "Force Trainers" (aka balloons) on their toy light sabers as well as do a Droid Hunt. Homemade Nana printed out simple pictures of various droids from Star Wars which we then colored, cut out, and hid around the house. Our Jedis-in-training then ran around looking for them and collecting them. So easy but so much fun for them!

Another simple-but-fun activity was your basic bean bag toss...with a twist! With brown fabric we sewed simple bean bags to make them look like rocks. We then took an old box, cut three hols in it, then Maggie let her boys paint it like crazy until it was a swampy greenish-black color. We then hot glued sticks, dried cattails, and other decorative plants to the outside and made a Degobah (the home planet of Yoda where Luke Skywalker trained. Yeah...we're nerdy like that...)-themed bean bag toss! The boys practiced using The Force to get their rocks into the swamp.

But for little Charlie the best part came later when he got to sit in the "swamp" and eat a snack....

And what would a party be with out cake? This time around we decided to make a Death Star cake, in which the candles on top were made to look like the lasers shooting out (A cake with lasers...what every mother dreams of making for her little ones!)

And of course there had to be the traditional Yoda Soda, loved by Jedis...

...and evil Emperors, too!

So even though we were reluctant to have yet another Star Wars party, we all had a blast. It was simple and FUN! And at the end, all the kids received certificates starting that they were now full-fledged Jedis! What could be better!

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  1. What could be better indeed! Looks like everyone had a blast. The perfect party. :-)

  2. Charlie looks like me? Kind of? Maybe?