Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paint Your Shoes, Instead of Your Toes!

Rebecca had an old pair of cheap canvas shoes (from Target). They were looking sooo bad we had to make some paper liners to cover the bottom of the shoes. We couldn't show them to you all - they were that bad! Anyway, we saw these cute shoes on Pinterest that had been spruced up with nail polish. What a great idea! We knew the shoes we wanted to try painting!

Now we probably could have achieved the same effect using fabric paint since we were using canvas shoes, (the original shoes were leather) but that would have meant a trip to the craft store, and you know how it is when the crafting bug strikes! You want to make it now - and well, we had lots of nail polish!

What you need:
* pair of shoes
* painter's tape
* nail polish (or fabric paint)

Because we wanted our shoes to be painted only on the straps we covered the rest with painters tape.

We carefully painted the shoes. It took three coats to get the color the way we wanted it.

They turned out so cute! We weren't sure how long the nail polish would last on canvas. However, Rebecca has been wearing them for several weeks now, and so far, they still look perfect! Hmmmmm....what else can we paint?
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  1. Excellent idea! Glad to know they hold up to actual wear.