Sunday, May 27, 2012

Knotted Headband

Can you believe we made this cute headband out of the hubs' old tee shirt? We found this tutorial on Love Stitched. It makes an adorable headband, but you could also use this technique to make other accessories (like belts). We used old shirts, but any jersey knit fabric would work!

What you need:
knit fabric
scissors or a rotary cutter
craft glue or hot glue

First we'll show you how to make the knot. It sounds complicated, but it is really easy. Just follow the pictures! We'll use two colors to make it easier to explain, but you can use any color combo you like of course!
You will want to use two strips of fabric cut 1-2 inches wide. We were using the bottom of a shirt to cut our strips, so our strips were 44 inches long, You won't need this much, but it is easier when you have extra fabric. When you tighten the knot you will need a little wiggle room. You can trim off any extra later.

We placed the first rope like this.

The second like this.

We put the top tail of the first piece over the second.

Then we put the bottom blue tail under the white loop.

Then we wove the top blue tail over the white, under the blue, and over the white.

Then we carefully pulled each end, keeping it flat and even.

Once you master the knot, you can use double strands to make a bigger knot. we did that for our headband.

Once you have your knot tied, place it on your head to decide where you want the knot to lay. We wanted ours to be off center. You also want to note where it falls just behind your ears. That is where you will trim each side.

To finish the ends we placed another 1 inch wide strip under the ends of the headband. We also placed a 1 x 10 inch strip to tie the headband.We glued everything together.

And then wrapped the fabric over to hide all the ends. Press gently.

Once dry, you are ready to go!

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  1. This is fantastic and I can't wait to give it a try! :)

  2. What a great upcycling idea!

  3. Im going to try this I have a plain old bathing suit I want to dress up and this would be perfect!

  4. hi blog friend passing by to invite you to my tuesday's blog hop if you pass on my blog all is written about it..will love that you join...the lord loves friendship and this is a way to connect people...thank God for the internet...its a free choice..but will be a blessing if you were part of it...thanks if you do..loves

  5. Just made 3. My 18 month old is going to look so adorable in them :)