Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Bed for Rocky!

Rebecca and her family woke the other day to find that their dog Rocky had had a grand old time the night before with his bed. He had torn a big hole in the side and had pulled out much of the fluff. He has always loved wrestling and playing with his bed. He would even bring it over and want you to play fetch with it!. So, knowing how much Rocky would miss his his old buddy, we knew we had to replace it right away. We thought that we could make a comfy cosy and more sturdy bed for this little rascal! (Not to mention it would match the living room!)

We went to the fabric store to see what we could find. On one table we found some foam remnants for cushions, the perfect size for Rocky. They gave us the foam for 50% off! The foam is thick and cushy but also more ridgid, so hopefully it will be harder for Rocky to whip around! We also found some great heavy duty cotton fabric for the cover in the remnant section! Great deals all around! We chose an pale greenish blue - looks kind of gray in the pictures - for the top of the bed and brown for the sides and bottom (hopefully it will hide dirt!)

Now we do want to confess that we often sew very improperly. For this project we just laid the foam down on the fabric and traced. We cut it out both the top and bottom with a half inch seam allowance.

Next we measured each side of the foam and cut out four side panels - also with a half inch seam allowance.

We now had a top, bottom and four side panels. We sewed them together right sides facing in.

Since we knew this bed would get lots of abuse, we made sure we reinforced all the seams. We left one short seam open so we could get the foam inside,

Then the moment of truth - would it fit inside? Yes!!! Perfectly!!
We then sewed the open seam shut.
And what did Rocky think of his new bed?? He did some careful examinations and tossed it around for a bit......and finally...

He decided it was just right!!! Is this the beginning of a beautiful new friendship? We think so!

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  1. My pup has to sleep on an old blanket because he eats the fluff off the bed that came with his crate and then throws it all up. I've been wanting to make him a new one, but am trying to hold off until he reaches his full size so that I know just how big it'll need to be. (He's an English Mastiff, so you know, it's going to have to be BIG I'm just not sure how big.)

  2. When our dog (blue heeler/german wire hair pointer mix) was just a puppy he took a cushion from a outdoor chaise lounge and tore a hole in it and got stuffing all over the yard. It looked like it had snowed in July in our backyard. We had to vacuum it up with the lawn mower. We had to have him put to sleep 3 weeks ago and would relish that kind of mess if he could still be with us.