Monday, May 7, 2012

On The Party Fast Track!

As we've mentioned before, it is birthday season around here, starting with Jonah's Zombie Party in March, Jack's Jedi Training Camp Party last weekend, and now Charlie's birthday today (Happy Birthday Charlie-Barley!). That's a lot of birthday! And after pulling together lots of crafty party ideas for Jonah and Jack, we were understandably pleased when Charlie picked a Race Car Party as the theme for his 4th birthday. Why? Because the dollar store had pretty much everything we needed! For the first time in years we had a party theme that we could actually just run out and get supplies for (and on the cheap, too!).

So this weekend we actually had a nice, simple, family party with a race car theme. It was perfect! But, as is usually the case with us, crafty inspiration did strike at the last minute before the party. We thought, "Hmmm...wouldn't it be cool to make a huge race track that ran throughout the house??" So that's just what we did...and you can too!

What You Need:

  • Black painters tape (ours was a little under 2" wide)

  • Yellow painters tape (thinner than the black)

Yep.  That's it.
All we did was put the black tape down on the floor, snaking it in a giant loop through the house. And because it was painters tape we weren't worried about it hurting the wood or tile floors!

Once our track was complete, we snipped little strips off the roll of yellow tape and put it on top of the black to make it look more like a road.  This part was pretty tedious, so having a Homemade Daddy on hand to help is a bonus!

We then put out a bowl for cars for the kids to play with (and, yes, Jack is still wearing the Jedi robes a week later!)

And that's it! Super easy and the kids (of all ages!) really got a kick out of it, especially the part that went down the stairs!

Ben even got creative and made this (silent) stop-motion film with it!

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allowFullScreen="true" />

See? Even something as simple as tape on the floor can spark creativity in kids and make for a great party!

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