Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pencil Posies

This week is teacher appreciation week so we decided to make this cute bouquet of flowers from the Happy Scraps, for our kids teachers. You may notice that the stems are made with pencils - something every teacher always needs more of. We bought everything but the pencils at the dollar store! (we probably could have bought some there)
We made this for our teachers, but this project will bouquet will the day of any teacher, mom, coworker or friend!

What you need:
container or pot
floral or craft foam that fits in the pot
construction paper
hole punch
basket filler or moss
Place foam in pot.

Cover the foam with the basket filler. We would have used brown or green, but this was the best we could find at the dollar store!

Cut flowers out of construction paper. ours were about 2 1/2 inches across. We punched a hole in the center of each flower. We put 15 flowers in each pot, but how many you use will depend on the size of your pot and your preferences.

Sharpen the pencils and start placing them into the foam. We started in the center and worked our way outward.

After you have your pencils where you want them start placing the flowers on each eraser. The hole from the punch is exactly the size of the eraser. You have to carefully work the flower on.

We wanted to tie a ribbon around each pot, but it kept slipping so we tied the ribbon around the base of the pencils.

We used one of our leftover flowers to make a card for each teacher. The boys wrote a thank you message inside.

We love our teachers!!!

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  1. Aren't those so cute! Who wouldn't love to receive them as a sweet gift!♥