Monday, June 25, 2012

Create Your Own Nail Polish Color!

Can you REALLY create your own nail polish color?? When we saw this idea from Delighted Momma, we were excited but a little skeptical. She showed that you can create fun colors by mixing clear nail polish and ground up eye shadow, which sounded cool but we weren't sure what the results would look like in real life. Maybe gritty? Only one way to find out!

What You Need:
  • eyeshadow (cheap or old work great!)
  • clear nail polish
  • toothpick
  • funnel (paper cone)

First, choose your colors. We had some cheap dollar store eyeshadow, but that old eye shadow in your make-up stash that is probably too old to put near your eyes would be perfect, too! We chose to do a combination gray and blue. Not knowing how much to put in, we started with half of both, then later decided to add the rest of the blue. You can always add, not take away! Grind up your colors with a tooth pick.

 Empty a little of your nail polish out, if necessary, so that you have room to add colors and blend. Then place your funnel (or in our case a rolled up paper cone) in the top of the bottle and add your ground up colors. Stir it up with your tooth pick, then replace the cap and give it a good shake. If you aren't happy with the color, adjust it as you wish (as we mentioned above, we ended up adding more blue to ours).

Now you are ready to try out your new color! Ours turned out more silver than we expected, but we were still thrilled with the results! Not at all gritty - looks and acts like regular nail polish! It was a little sheer, so we definitely needed two coats.

But what we really liked is that when we went into the sunlight we saw how sparkly it was, thanks to the eyeshadow! So fun! Can't wait to try this with other funky colors in our stash!
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  1. who would of thought! lol! there's so many things to try these days,I never thought I'd make my own windex but I did lol!