Monday, June 11, 2012

Drippy Pot

The boys had their last day of school last week, and to show their teachers how much we appreciate all their hard work we like to give them little gifts that include something handmade by the kids.  This year, Jack decided to paint his teacher a flower pot. We decided to use this idea from Clever Nest as inspiration...But Jack (of course) put his own spin on it!

What You Need:
  • Clean, dry flower pot
  • acrylic paint, preferably in squeeze bottles
  • paint brush
  • Clear, acrylic spray paint (optional)
Choose a background color for your pot, then cover the outside and about halfway down the inside of your pot. Jack chose a pretty turquoise color! Let it dry.

Flip your pot over so it's upside down. Then drip a second color along the bottom rim so that it drips down. Jack chose a pearly-purpley-pink. Once you have the coverage you like, let it dry.

The original project had just two colors, but Jack thought that wasn't quite enough for his pot. He then decided that he needed to drip a hot pink color on his pot (he chose hot pink because his teacher LOVES flamingos). Once that layer was dry we sprayed clear acrylic inside and out to give it some extra sheen and a little extra protection.

Then we finished off his masterpiece by planting some impatiens! It was a fun and simple project that showed his teacher how much we loved her!

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  1. That is really nice, what a great idea. :-)

  2. i love this idea! i have lots of boring flower pots, so this is great! :) lisa

  3. Hi there, I linked one of your creations to my blog. If it’s not ok with you, let me know and I will remove links and pics asap.
    Take care, alex